Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Marketing Plan for selling houses Fast

A well crafted Marketing Plan is based on the experience an agent has developed over decades of trial and error, observing what works best. By specializing in resale homes in the west neighbourhoods of Toronto, within a half hour of the QEW and 427, I am not wasting my time commuting, seeking address's or dealing with gridlock and traffic. I am now using the newest available technologies and web 2.0 based marketing available combined with video marketing and IMPACT internet advertising to expose your property to a larger buyer pool.

I have been successful in driving thousands of views to mls.ca online video's and the West Toronto Homes site thereby creating High Impact Marketing and a Buzz about your property. This dedication and commitment to attract and entice shoppers to have a look at your property enables a competition or multiple offer situation; Better for you.

This can demonstrated and quantified with specific testimonials and property histories.

By combining Video Marketing, with a well priced property that has been thoughtfully presented with slideshow of features and locational placement mapping, we will be able to obtain the highest potential dollar for you from a motivated consumer. Previous open houses have received almost a hundred visitors in one weekend resulting in multiple offers.
In addition to the marketing plan, I have attached a list of documentation that will be required to proceed with your listing and to comply with PIPEDA and FINTRAC reporting.

You can obtain these by signing in and requesting the documents or directly by telephone and making an appointment. Simply placing them online here you will be able to compare what different agents offer in their marketing.

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