Thursday, September 30, 2010

Property Guys FSBO update

What does it Mean when Property Guys says that Joe Schmo the agent will rob you? Are we in the robbing business? Are you aware that Property Guys post these hangers on Seller's door knobs? When the listing expires? How does Property Guys, the FSBO imply that when you advertise your home it is listed with them? What listing service do they provide? Are they licensed realtors to LIST your home for sale?

Have a look at the Picture below from a door hanger that was removed from a listed property.

Property Guys

We are obligated to provide honest and factual representation.
We must adhere to a level of skill and service.
We are not permitted to make False Advertising Claims.
We provide marketing, negotiation, help with your presentation and if need be staging; coordination of services with Lawyers, bankers, brokers, appraisers, tradesman, Surveyors, Insurance Brokers and especially transaction management and financial prudence.
There is security in knowing who was in your home instead of a fresh knock at the door. Who are you inviting inside?

Why do Buyers use a Realtor? They use a realtor, a professional full time realtor, to cut through the thousands of erroneous reports about nothing down, rent to own, find a house beside the train track, credible local market data that of interest to the Buyer. Help sifting through the hundreds of ads on various sites that sold in 2005 and are still there, looking like the best deal since sliced bread. The Buyers are knocking 10% to 30% off of all offers because they read it in a newspaper somewhere that the values are dropping by 30% this year! Have you read about the Housing Bubble in Toronto Condos?

Buyers who are out shopping for a deal do not wish to enter into negotiations with a Donald Trump Pretend to be Make a deal at My price kind of guys.

What value do I bring? When we are out after seeing homes, we will discuss at length and on paper, homes that have sold in that subdivision, that neighbourhood recently. We will look at the Terranet and GeoWarehouse Mapping to see what sold near you. We can look up all those FSBO ads on the computer by address and we will see that they were sold by Agents after they were listed and buyers were found.

FSBO sites like Property Guys can make whatever claims they like. Licensed Realtors have Errors and Omissions Insurance, decades of experience over hundreds of transactions and access to more information that the general public.

Need more incentive? Were you a Private for Sale and Got ripped off? What mis steps happened in your transaction because you did not know any better? Tell me about it. How many people are suing you because you bought and didn't close and there is a string of related failed transactions. Add your posting.


  1. You Right David...One guy from Oakville who was on Radio at CFRB 1010 on John Tory's talk show was in a similar position and after 4 months of "Opening" houses to rank strangers and with virtually No action and No Offers, finally ended up listing with a Professional Realtor and now see's a good chance of selling it quickly!!

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